August 10, 2021

Peace Building

Ongoing armed conflict, insecurity, lack of state protection, and recurring humanitarian crises exposed Somali civilians to serious abuse. There are an estimated 2.6 million internally displaced people (IDPs), many living unassisted and vulnerable to abuse (Human Rights Watch, 2020). The major driver of conflicts in Somalia includes clan issues, grazing land pasture, and water resources, political differences, economics, and livelihoods. When disaster strikes, RASEDO responds by delivering lifesaving assistance and essential protection to the most affected. We make sure people can get clean water to drink and decent sanitation. We provide help for them to get food and the essentials they need to survive.

RASEDO intervenes on such occasions by also engaging with traditional elders, religious leaders, and local authorities to solve the root causes and come up with peace initiatives for lasting solutions to the problem. In all our responses, we prioritize the needs of women and girls, who are often discriminated against or have fewer resources to face and recover from emergencies.

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