Who We Are

RASEDO is a charitable organization formally registered in 2009 in Kenya and Somalia by like-minded individuals who saw the plight of post-conflict situations where the community was suffering due to inequality, poverty, and injustice brought about by recurrent conflicts compounded by other disasters such as drought, floods. We have also seen the impacts of environmental and marine ecosystems degradation and their impacts on the community we serve.

We came together to intervene and save children and families. We enable people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper. We constantly search for more effective solutions. Our efforts save hundreds of lives each year, but more children and families remain in need of life-saving interventions.

RASEDO is currently working in Kenya and Somalia. We envision covering the entire Horn and East Africa region and Africa at large.

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Serving Humanity Through Sustainable Environment


To continually support and advocate for the most vulnerable through the most suitable and sustainable interventions which are environmentally friendly.

To see an economically and environmentally developed community.

Our Partners

We partner with worldwide humanitarian organizations to make the world a better place

UNICEF as RASEDO partner
UNDP as RASEDO partner
UNHCR as RASEDO partner
WHO as RASEDO partner
FAO Somalia as RASEDO partner
UNEP as RASEDO partner
Well wishers as RASEDO partner
Local Communities as RASEDO partner